This is serious stuff. You think you are saved but you will find out who is behind your faith. Who control your faith.

This site is about my view of God.

I'm in my fifties and studied the bible intensive for 17 years. Not the way normal christians would do by just reading the bible once in a while and then go out and give the impression that you are a spirit filled christian. What bothers me is that there is no proof of any wonders or  mirricals that you would read in the bible. Why isn't there any wonder or miracles?

Most of the pages that discuss the topics more in depth is been hide until the time is due for it to be revealed.

I'm not a christian any more.
I don't belief in Jesus.
I believe God is Light.
What is Light?
Light is energy.
That sounds out of this world.

If you are a christian.

If you are a Christian I would rather advice you to stay away from this website. The information that I’m about to provide would not go hand in hand with what you believe.

Before you go on your way please answer these questions by not using the bible but to investigate the history of roman Emperor Constantine and other practises. Practises like the birth of influential people like kings and queens from a virgin.

Who wrote the bible and what was the reason that they wrote the bible.
Take a look at the following.
Counsel and greed of Nice.

Why are there so many different churches and denominations while they all claim to serve the same God?

Why is the God of the Old Testament this mean strong god that wants the Israelites to destroy all the nations they come in contact with? The image that the Old Testament reflects on God is not a loving and caring one.

The New Testament God is this loving and caring God. How is it possible that they talk about the same God?

Who are the authors of the New Testament and the bible of today? What denomination provides the bible in the 1600? The Christian bible is the copy of the bible that the Roman Catholic Church provides in the 1600.

The bible is the mouthpiece of the Roman catholic church and it doesn’t matter in which denomination you are you still follow the roman faith of the early ages.

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