God and Me

Who is God?

How is God involved in our lives?

Something of interest.

I believe that we are in a very interesting time in South Africa. The ANC have their knives out for the white people in South Africa. They don’t know that they are messing around with people that service God. They will keep on until it is too late for them to turn back. The same God that was involved with the white people during “Blood River”. The white people feels frustrated due to all this things that is going on in South Africa. The question is where are all the countries and people that made their voice heard against South Africa during the apartheids years.

When the time is at hand then the Power of Father will appear.

Moses did not lift a hand to kill an Egyptian when he led the Israelite from Egypt. The white people have nowhere else to go. Somebody must go and it will not be the white people.