Signs and Wonders

Time for Signs and Wonders.

The time is ripe for signs and wonders.
Wait before you open your mouth.
You want to say that signs and wonders happened in the church or where you worship.
I tell you that what you refer to is not signs and wonders.
What you are talking about is fake acts.
This act where the black man becomes alive in South Africa.
That is something to laugh about.
Amateurish as can be.
That happened in the church today but just the performance is better.
People that get healed are people you don’t know.
If it is a very big gathering you will notice that a person will get healed for two different illnesses during the same service.
The person would go for prayer and later return with another illness.

What are signs and wonders?

It is when somebody you know and the congregation know is in a wheelchair for years that can walk again.
Somebody without an arm and leg that you know or are well known in the community.
Things that you can see with your eyes.
How would you know if a person is healed from some illness that is inside the body?
People want to save face and will act and declare that they are healed just to give the impression that they believe.
This is not a healing but a lie.
Let’s call it by the name.